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Business Navigation as a Mom

It's 7 AM, I wake up but not because my alarm has went. I have things I need to do before my kids awake. I start off by writing out my doubts or saying them out loud. What a lot of people don't understand is this time is sacred and it will be over 10 hours again before I can sit in silence in the mess of the day had.

Being a stay at home mom comes with a lot of responsibility. It comes with standards, like that if you stay home and work your business is a hobby to pass the time. If you work and put the kids in day care you must not care, If you don't work, the list goes on. It's super hard.

Putting myself in college again as a new parent was super different. I was leaving when my kids were waking in the morning and leaving them in their care to head to the college first thing and on the phone right after and between classes to be back home. It wasn't until I had actually opened did I know how hectic it would be.

I felt the need to reflect because I graduated college a year ago today and finished what seemed to be the biggest wavelength since labor. Motivating this journey through a pandemic made it worse.

One day while tending to things online, I got a message that read:

"Do you mind if I ask you some questions, you're one of the only people I know with a real successful business"

I was flattered and super happy to help, I know myself I also look up to bigger people in the business industry. I often feel like I'm not getting anywhere, and the progress is slow but strong.

I think if I could say anything to the stay at home mom who wants to start a business that is their own, I would say that you should go for it. Put everything you wish you had for your children's future, and your own and go for it. Everyday you need to think you can achieve what you want in this life.

Most of my days consist of mostly parenting and working but I wouldn't change that.

Lately I have been trying to focus on the future and where to take CL next. But I'm hoping where ever it goes I can help continue to motivate people to drive for their dreams. I can't wait to continue to bring everyone along for where we might go next.

I'm working on finding the perfect balance of feeling like I'm doing enough everywhere.

I love my children and I am so proud of them and myself for the life we are building thanks to people like you who support us.

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