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Engraving With Cricut Maker

Today I'm going to be teaching you the basics of engraving using your Cricut Maker. Your machine is super smart. It can work with over 80 materials, and last year I decided to step into the world of engraving. Disclaimer: Please do not attempt with your Air 2 Machine. You could ruin your warranty.

Some things you will want to pick up for these types of projects include:

You want super strong tape to hold your item onto your cutting mat. The item needs to be tight to the mat to ensure that you will get no mistakes on your engraving and it will come out as clean as possible.

I linked my FAV Purchase ever, I have ordered these over 4 times. They are on sale for 5$ off right now with a extra dollar coupon. I love these beginning. They are super inexpensive and really cute, and nice quality. They do not come with rings. They are separate purchase. But if you just want to practice they are a perfect start, they fit nicely and the cricut has no problem engraving them.

3. An outline

I cannot stress this. Having an outline for your project will help. I messed up so many engravings. I made a template exactly the size of my blanks to upload and use as a marker background for making sure I have the font I need the correct size.

This tip is what makes the magic happen, with quickswap housing technology, it knows when you have the tip loaded and will prompt when you're ready to proceed to your engraving. It is able to engrave up to 2.5mm deep flat surfaces.

Cricut Operation drop down menu

5. Selecting The Correct Operation

The most important part when it comes to being prepared to engraving with your cricut is making sure you are selecting the engraving operation for your machine. You can find the operation change in the top left hand corner of design space in the drop down menu on your Maker.

When you've got the design ready to go, select the material of your choice and select engrave, load your tip, and away you go. I hope this gave you some super insightful information about engraving with your cricut maker.

Disclaimer: I have purchased all linked products, If you decide to purchase anything recommend in my post, I will receive a small commission at no cost to you.

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