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Being a Business Ownr with Ownr. (Contest)

Updated: May 7, 2021

Starting a business is super frustrating, discouraging and really complicated. Today I'm going to explain to you about how I used this company to help get started in my journey.

Even going to college for business, I didn't feel confident in how to start my dreams. When I was getting close to planning my ideal for a business, I started to look into what legal papers I would need to make everything official. I was dreading having to hire a lawyer just to do paperwork.

I had not started much process at this point about how after I was finished my education how or what was I going to do to get all the documents I needed. I stumbled across Ownr, the support I received was helpful in my choice to pick what type of license I needed, and how to fill out the information correctly. I found that one of the documents I could get online without visiting a lawyer or spending hundreds of dollars and time. This was so helpful to me as a new entrepreneur starting out. Had I not found this website, I was about to spend way too much just for something that they could help so easy with.

The value in using Ownr is most cost effective, faster and secure way to register, incorporate and manage other business documents in one place. They make one of the hardest parts of starting a business less stressful and more helpful. They offer exclusive perks for Ownr members to help entrepreneurs succeed through the process of building their business with tips and tricks and management for employees, Cash rewards, partnerships, and even money back when opening a RBC Bank Account. That was super cool to me considering the cost I thought was already low enough!

In 2020, I came to Ownr wanting to start my business. Since registering with the Ontario government and pertaining to work on my business, I have gained multiple successful partnerships, clients and growth. I now help and suggest Ownr to anyone wishing to start their business journey. Not because I am a partner, but because they do make registering super easy. You are provided with a Downloadable Master Business License with no hassle. Since registering my business I have worked with multiple people to help them get started.

I have heard lots of great feedback from people I have helped with Ownr over the past year state that with everything in its current state, this was one of the best and fastest ways to get their documents. You don't have to leave your house, or your comfy bed, everything is done right on your device. No need to hire a lawyer and go to expensive meetings, that cost you more in the end then the license for your business will, skip all your hassles and click my link here to get started with Ownr and registering your business. I have helped many other people start their dreams and passions with Ownr and I cannot wait to see where you go as well.

Being a business Ownr has been super easy getting started with Ownr.


I know what you're thinking, $50 is not a lot of money. But if you had $50 to put towards starting your dream business how would you do it? In partnership with Ownr, I'm challenging you to submit a 1 paragraph email based on what how you would use your 50$ towards shaping your dream.

So I want to give someone 50$ to start their dream. I think that if everyone had some sort of inspiration to their dreams they would feel more confident in thinking that they could achieve what they want in life. I know that I am striving everyday to become a better person and business ownr everyday.


  1. Entry is Due by May 30th 12AM EST. Submit with Title My Entry - First Last Name.

  2. Include: Name, Contact method. This is mandatory for entry.

  3. Winner will receive $50 Towards Starting their business.


This contest is not paid for by Ownr.

I am an ownr partner, this contest is curated and owned and claimed by Crafty Loft only, Crafty Loft is responsible for prize administration.

It is not endorsed or monetized by any social media site or company other than Crafty Loft.

The winner will receive prize on June 1st, 2021, after contact is made.

The links displayed in the blog post are paid partnership with Ownr.

Do you have an idea for a dream? I want to know about it for your chance to win $50.

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