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Supplies I Love and Wish I Knew About Sooner

Updated: May 7, 2021

When I first started working I wish I knew of these products sooner than I had come across them. I'm going to be sharing some of my favorite products I use daily and where you can grab them. Some are for your home and office to make things easier or maybe you're curious about some things I have shown in the past. I'm going to be making more blogs about methods and tutorials where I will show more products related to such.

Some of the things I love in my offices:

Paper Cutter

Love this item. This paper cutter I use for everything. Giving off clean straight lines for me. It saves me lots of time cutting many different materials and clean slice every time. Great for price.

Paper Transfer Tape

I had worked with many different types of transfer tapes that left gross residue on my work, I also had a harder time with other brands weeding tiny letters. This paper based transfer tape works well for many different uses, from reversed weeding, to mat coverings and a cleaner finish look for decals.

ORACAL 651 Vinyl

This vinyl, specifically is a perm vinyl, it's my favorite brand to work with. The selection of colors is immense and endless. Can be used for decals, cups, ect.

Weeding Tool Kit

I have shared this duo on my stories before, but I had purchased a standard weeding kit for vinyl, and it was really over priced because it was produced by the machine brand. This set features two tools for vinyl application and weeding. They are my go to over every other tool. I often feature them in my videos.

Mug Press

Before I got a mug press would you believe how many cups I thought I could master with just a heat press? You would laugh. This heat press is better than the Cricut press, simply because you can purchase other size attachments, and fit many different sized cups, for less cost. I love this machine and how easy it is to learn to use with sublimation. Can also be used for Heat Transfer Vinyl for glass and mugs.

Rolling Cart

I have multiple office spaces I work in daily. It was super important for me to find something convenient. I loved this cart because it fit nicely beside my station, was super simple to put together and matches my office nice. There are different colors to pick from.

Scotch Flex Ship

I had such a hard time fitting awkward shaped items in to the smallest packaging possible to ship. I have shipping to different parts of the world using this product as a safety inside packages and completely to ship packages alone. I have had a 20 foot roll for months you can cut off the exact amount of material you need to perfectly fit your item, making it an efficient alternative to cardboard boxes, poly mailers, shipping bags, and padded envelopes. The integrated cushion layer reduces fillers like cushion wrap, shrink wrap. No boxes, fillers, or tape needed because flex & seal conforms to the shape of your item! You can recycle by removing the label before dropping off at a plastic bag recycling location.

I hope I have made your life a tiny easier searching for somethings I liked when first starting out or wish I knew about before trying a lot of really expensive and terrible products before hand.

Disclaimer:This is a reminder that these are products I have personally purchased and enjoy. If you chose to click the links and purchase the items, I will earn a small amount at no cost to you. Thank you for reading my post.

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